Mother’s Day – How do you celebrate?

In the United States, Mother’s day is usually celebrated the second Sunday in May. This holiday originated in 1908 by Anna Jarvis and became an official U.S. holiday in 1914. Traditions have us presenting our mothers with flowers, cards and gifts. So, this got me thinking, “how do you celebrate your mother (grandmother/mother figure) on Mother’s day?”IMG_1624

Some of us have mothers who cook for us every day, pack our lunches, clean our rooms, do our laundry and essentially plan out our entire day. She buys us things that we don’t even think we need, like Q-tips, socks, toothbrushes, etc. She even hands us a Kleenex before we sneeze! So, how do you celebrate this mom? Perhaps, she wants you to return the favor on her day. So go out there and do the grocery shopping, buy household items, and get her everything she needs for the week. That way, she has a moment to catch her breath as she juggles and creates magic in her busy schedule. Or, just take her out to her favorite restaurant so she doesn’t have to cook any meals this day!

Some of us have mother’s that we call the “Glamour Mom”, she is always dressed to the 9s, skin is impeccable, every strand of hair is in place. Before you are even up, she looks like she is ready for a night on the town. Always so put together and ready to shower us with her love and affection. So, how do you celebrate this mom? Book a day at the spa, get her nails done, relax with a massage and freshen up with a facial. Then, follow it up with an appointment with her favorite hairdresser! Or, just take her out to her favorite restaurant, to wine and dine her so she can be as glamorous as ever!

Some of us have mother’s that are constantly working and barely have a day to herself or time to spend with her family. She wants to be sure that everyone else has what they need while she gets by with the bare minimum. So, how do you celebrate this mom? Let her sleep in and have breakfast or lunch ready for her when she wakes up. Declare it PJ day, rent a bunch of movies or just sit in front of the T.V. and watch her favorite re-runs with her. And, be sure to have plenty of snacks, like popcorn, chocolate, chips, fruit, nuts and bon bons. Or, just take her out to her favorite restaurant so she can spend time with the fam-bam!MomHeart

No matter what type of mom we may have and no matter how we decide to celebrate with her, be thankful that mom is here with us. Enjoy the day, as it only comes around once a year, so celebrate this special lady. Remember, she was there for you when you lost your first tooth, your first break-up, when she caught you doing something you weren’t suppose to be doing. Through it all she loved you.

What do mom’s always say, “mother knows best!”

Happy Mother’s Day!

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