To Drone or Not to Drone?

Drones are gaining popularity. Their technical name ranges from “unmanned automated vehicle” or “unmanned aerial vehicle” or “unmanned automated systems” or the abbreviation (UAV). The key take away is that it’s unmanned!

First thing that comes to mind for many of us might be, “Drones are used for spying!” I know I have come across this thought before. Quite frankly, there will be some operators out there that fall into this bucket. But as this drone technology continues to improve and become mainstream, you will be amazed with the possibilities.

Dronium Drone with Camera

For instance, the recent storms and tornadoes in the mid-west have left homeowners stranded. As their homes are swallowed by the flood waters; they have no escape route. First responders put their lives on the line to get to these victims and many times they are limited on how they can safely reach them and pull them out of harms way. In tonight’s ABC newscast, a drone was used to help the victims and rescuers in their recovery mission.

In the past few years, California has been experiencing a drought recently being called the Mega Drought. With the images that a drone can capture, it can truly emphasize the severity of the dire situation. NBC Nightly news did a complete segment from a drones perspective – it’s amazing. You can see it here. Another way drones can be of use to us.

Drones are fun too! When it comes to photography you can see things in a totally different light or in some cases point of view perspective. And, don’t forget about that selfie, you can take one without a selfie stick!  Capture those adventurous moments with a Lily drone instead. It’s pretty amazing how this drone can follow you as you go down that fast-moving river. And before you ask, it’s even water proof and designed to take off and land in the water. How does it work? Well, you can either carry the tracking device or wear it on your wrist like a watch – then “throw and shoot”.

Ranchers in the UK are using drones to herd their sheep. Drones are able to cover more distance and the ranchers can see for themselves how their livestock are doing. Are there sick sheep in the herd? Are any of them injured? Are they stuck in a hole somewhere? Plus, it can give the shepherd dog a day-off.

Amazon also has patented drone deliveries. Imagine getting a package delivered on your front door step by a drone. It’s being tested now.

Drones can be a benefit to society. It’s only a matter of time before we see all the wonders a drone can create.

In the meantime, “To drone or not to drone? That is the question.”

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